I’m not getting enough of it. I am not doing all that well mentally at the moment. Nothing too serious, just feeling blue and sad and disconnected from everything. I am sure it is just the cumulative sleep deprivation, plus the weather, and the mind numbing tedium of caring for an infant. I can’t wait until spring and I go back to work!

William is desperately trying to crawl. He can roll like a champion, but wants more. He can do pushups well, and his legs are very strong, but he can’t go on all fours yet. So he will flop on his stomach and then just flail madly in all directions and get damned mad when he doesn’t go anywhere. He can push himself backwards too. In his exersaucer, he jumps so much that he moves it along (sounds like: CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH CRASH — it’s as awesome as it seems). He went 15 feet yesterday, from beside the couch into the kitchen, where he then got stuck against the stove. In his crib he rolls in the night and gets pinned against the rails and wakes up in a righteous hissy. I would say he exists in four states at the moment: Laughing, sleeping, hungry, and damned mad.

Victoria woke up this morning at 4am screaming and sobbing that she couldn’t find her scrubbie, so she couldn’t wash dishes. Look at the world of fun we have been exposing her to!

We’ve all been sick, with various colds and stomach bugs, not very pleasant at all.

Projects on the go:

  • I am painting our old set of dining room chairs to go with the new IKEA table I bought last year. I will do a separate post on that soon.
  • I am also re-covering a loveseat in the basement. It’s going very slowly because I only maybe get an hour every two weeks or so to work on it.
  • I also need to strip and reupholster a wooden armchair, to match the one I did when I was on leave with Victoria.
  • Trim and doors need to be painted in the basement, and I need to clean out the unfinished basement bedroom in preparation for it to be drywalled (exciting!).
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